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Before leaving, there are different must-do you should do. Now that you end your university duties, is time to relax and enjoy this city with your home friends or family. Because of that I would love to share this list with you but you should know we are not paid by anyone, so I mean those are the real restaurants we like most. We don’t have any kind of discount or any special offer when we go there. While I was preparing this post, I was looking from other blogs to see what was their offer. I was myself absolutely astonished reading their lists….They seemed just lists for tourists with high price and normal food. So is really important to me to stand out that point. The 5 of them are amazing so my order is just because of yes, not because any kind of preference

El Chiringuito de Las Sardinitas

El Chiringuito de Las Sardinitas has an ideal location, just in front of Barceloneta beach. Has a wide variety of dishes. To us the best ones are: Mejillones a la marinera (mussels with marinara sauce), Pa amb tomaquet (bread with tomate), Patatas bravas and Fritura variada and for main dish you can ask for a Paella de Verudras (Vegetables Paella). I am not sure why, Vegetables Paella is not very popular for foreigners but it is for locals, we love it and is much more healthy. And this place is delicious for this paella. For drink you should ask for the Cava Sangria (best we’ve ever tried in all Spain)

As a point to be consider I should tell that not always they admit bookings on advance so sometimes you have to queue (particularly if you go on weekend and between 14h and 15:30h). In spite of that, you wont regret!. After lunch you can  go for a walk to the beach. I’d rather go to lunch than to dinner so I can see the sea but food doesn’t change!

Average price is around 30€ per person. You have different options to have sea food around that area, but some of the restaurants around ask you for much more money and the quality is not that good. So el Chiringuito is the best option to us

Bar Tomás

Bar Tomás restaurant is known all over the town for its Bravas. Patatas are simple fried potatoes; the savoir faire comes from the sauce added as a topping. A secret of course! Patatas with salsa con alioli are amazing also! Bar Tomás is also great for traditional tapas and dishes like: Anchovies’tapa, ham tapa, tuna with spicy peppers and its homemade sweets. Good atmosphere even though is always busy.

It ‘s location is in Sarrià neighborhood. If you haven’t had the chance to go yet, don’t doubt it, go! Sarrià is plenty of home made shopping. Much better than all the souvenirs you can buy in las Ramblas or in the city center. Moreover you can go to Monasterio de Pedralbes (a gothic monastery very popular with an incredible architecture)

Il Commendatore

I Know that can be a bit surprising because is an Italian restaurant but omg…! Is so tasty!! I love it. All the decoration is as if it was in a Sicilia street, has a water well in the middle of the restaurant. The mise en scene is, thus, the strong point of Il Comendatore, where the statue of a commander will welcomes you to a fictitious street that provides the place with a certain charm.

At the walls you can see all famous people that decided to eat at Il Comendatore in pictures. If you like football/soccer you will recognize many football players! Just at the entry you will be able to see how they cook the pizzas in a wood – fire oven. They mix Italian food with traditional catalan food. For example for entrants you can ask for berenjenas fritas (fried aubergines), trinxat (typical catalan food) and pa amb tomaquet. As a main dish you can ask for any pizza (I love Pizza de la nonna) and of course any kind of Calzone (if you are ready for a big feast!). Of course the menu also offers any kind of pasta with a lot of different sauces.

Attentive service and reasonable prices. Is not in city center area but the bus touristic has a stop really close (in Plaza Francesc Macià). Also at that area you will find the best clothes shopping, not just in Avenida Diagonal street but in Santaló street (where locals love to buy)

La Camarga

La Camarga is located in Aribau street in the city center area. It is a typical catalan restaurant. The menu offers typical catalan dishes such as crema de calçots (calçots cream) pa amb tomaquet, cannelloni of vegetables etc. The restaurant is really well decorated and the products are fresh and have high quality

They are known for their rices, the most popular is Risotto de ceps (mushrooms rice)

Average price 30€


Mirablau is to me the best restaurant to bid farewell to Barcelona because of its magnificent views. The scenario is perfect; good views, good food, good background music and if you want, you can take a drink after. You can go for lunch or for dinner. I particularly like it more at dinner because I love the city views at night. But of course during day is also stunning. I highly recommend you to book on advance and reserve the table with views. The terrace is the best, if there is a shiny day,  don’t doubt it! But if you eat in other table don’t worry. You will be able to see the views at every part of the restaurant. Sometimes is really crowded because is closed to Tibidabo, so maybe you will have to queue

The quality cost is not the best, but the amazing views make this restaurant a must before leaving Barcelona

Hope you like them!!

All the best

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