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7dreams offers a wide range of services to make more comfortable your stay. If you are a professional that comes to work it will be really helpful to have a Spanish sim card, open a bank account or even having a daily maid service. Alternatively, if you are a Student on a budget you will prefer a fortnightly cleaning service of common areas or even the Internet assistance service will be perfect extras for your stay.

Ico01 Students

Services for Students

Our company is specialized in students apartments in Barcelona. If you are going to stay in “la Ciudad Condal” during several months for academic programs, 7dreams will know the perfect apartment that match with your needs. Our staff will know how to help you to find your perfect apartment. We have been several years working with different international programs and we know the student’s needs. With 7dreams you can live as a local and feel the real taste of this amazing city.

Ico02 Professionals

Services for Professionals

Due to our experience, we know how important is the quick solutions for the professionals. Troubleshooting is our priority.

Have everything you need ASAP and not “mañana”. With our services orientated to professionals we cover all the advantages of an hotel. Happy workers will produce more and do their jobs better

Ico03 DailyMaidServ BN


Perfect for professionals

There can be nothing more relaxing than walking into a house that is neat and clean and with everything set in its place. After a stressful day at work coming back to a dirty house and cleaning it can be quite hectic

From 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. our professional and reliable housemaid service will come to do the daily cleaning, make beds, washing machine, ironing, etc. Includes breakfast service

So leave the worry to us from attention to your smallest request to technically specialized cleaning service you can always count on our uncompromising quality.

Ico04 Airport BN


Perfect for professionals and students

We’ll pick-up you up and your guests, family or clients at the airport you want at the requested date and time, with the kind of vehicle that better meet your transportation needs.
Our driver will be waiting inside the terminal, just off the passenger arrival hall with a sign showing your name and take you to the your destination.


Perfect for professionals

Have Everything you really need as soon as possible: Mobile, Internet, Bank Account.

This package covers all the most essential basics you will need in order to be connected upon your arrival to Barcelona

The three most important elements are getting a Spanish bank account, a mobile phone contract and an Internet connection

Also this Package covers your assistance 24 hours if you have problems with your Internet connection

Ico06 Internet BN


Perfect for professionals and students

We know Internet in Spain sometimes can be frustrating. We cannot change the Spanish land, but we can guarantee you are not going to be not just a day without Internet. If you have problems with your connection we will call to the companies to fix it and if cannot be solved in the same day we will provide you a portable WIFI.

Ico07 Tour BN


Perfect for professionals and students

As a newcomer, is difficult at the beginning to establish into a new city. This customized tour will orient you to the neighborhood you are staying in, the transit system (including a starter packet of metro tickets) as well as the closest Banks, pharmacies, supermarkets, etc. You can tell us your preferences and the places you are going to stay such us your work address, university, etc. Hit the ground running with a local expert!

Ico08 SimCard BN


Perfect for professionals

We bought you a SIM Card with Spanish phone number and we help you to find the best deal for your mobile phone contract.

Ico09 CleanService BN


Perfect for students

This Package is perfect for students. We will provide you cleaning service every 15 days of the common areas of the apartment. Cleaning service will never come into the rooms. We will provide you a picture of the staff so you will know who is allowed to come!

Ico10 WellComingPack BN


Perfect for professionals and students

After a daily flight, the less you want is going to the supermarket and carry heavy bags. Because of that you can have some basic food and beverage in your fridge; one bottle of water, juice, cereals, cookies, bread, coffee, wine bottle, olive oil, sugar and salt.

Ico11 International Programa


Perfect for students

We work with several international programs that bring their students into Barcelona. We work as an external Housing service, taking care of every student satying with us.

  • 24/7 online maintenance reports; 24-hour response guaranteed, and most issues are fixed within 48 hours.
  • 24/7 emergency hotline
  • Internet problems fixed in less tan 24 and if not we bring a portable WIFI
  • Check in with an introduction of the neighborhood. We will explain what do you have nearby, how to go to your University, supermarkets, pharmacies, metro station, where to print, etc
  • Weekly cleaning of the common áreas of the apartment
  • Utilities up to 45€ a month (usually more tan enough)
  • Space for every student (no bunk beds, no sofa beds, real doble rooms, etc)
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