The first Sunday after 3 March held in Barcelona Sant medir (San Emeterio). This Festival is celebrated in some districts of Barcelona as grace, Sarrià, Sant Gervasi and La Bordeta. This Festival is also known for “the sweetest party” (La festa mes dolça) since in the afternoon, after the morning activities, the groups (collas) travel the streets with their floats throwing tons of sweets to the public.

The current Festival began in 1825 with the creation of the first group (colla), but it was not until 1830 when the first pilgrimage was held.

This party is based on the legend of Medir, a farmer who lived on the 303 a.d, during the rule of the Diocletian Roman Empire. A Bishop scared by the brutal persecution of Christians for the Romans, were fled to Barcelona. In his travel met with the farmer while he sowed beans.

The bishop told him the reason for his travel, and as he did so he realized his mistake and chose to die for his faith, by which asked to Medir if they ask for him, tell the truth, so they would find him easily. After leaving Bishop beans began to flourish in a miraculous way.

When the Romans arrived, Medir told them what had happened, but  they did not believe him, when they arrested the Bishop, returned to him, and locked him up and martyred until his death. For this reason, March 3 is made a pilgrimage to San Cugat where bishop met Medir.


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