Dress, Rebujito and good food

Hi folks!!,

Most of the Spanish people want to go at least once in life to Seville Feria (in Andalucia). However, is not easy at least for catalans because of the distance and also because those days are laborable for us so we have to work. Moreover, Barcelona hosted many Andaluces in 1940’s and 1950’s so a of catalan-andaluces are leaving in Barcelona. Because of that we have our particulary Feria de Abril located in El Forum

Barcelona organizes its particular April Feria, based on the original one, from 28th April till 2nd May and with free pass for everybody. I’m  an Andalucia’s culture passionate  and thanks to this I can feel like an andalucian more even  living in Barcelona.

Located in EL FORUM, from 28th April to 2nd May

The Feria will be located in the Forum Parc, there you will find a lot of booths where you can taste the typical southern gastronomy (good quality price), maybe in the beginning you can  feel  a bit disoriented but I promise you that after drink two or three rebujitos ( typical drink) you will feel blended in the culture, even you will want to dance and play the guitar hahaha. A lot of people rent  a typical Sevillana dress to go, do you dare??  Personally, so far I love it, is a must. Is the perfect combination: perfect dress perfect food and amazing drink (rebujito, of course!)

Take care with the rebujito, we say is a silent drink. You start to drink and you feel like you are not drinking alcohol but then, suddenly all the effects come up so be careful if it is the fist time you drink rebujito

By the way, best option to go there is by public transportation or taxi. Is impossible to park there

.Now that you know Feria de Abril, no longer have an excuse for make the most of this weekend.

See you there fellows!!


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