This is the point that make us different from any other company

We will help you during all your stay in this mediterranian paradise. We will help you also in the comunications with the landlords even when you are already settle down

All of us have international background. All of our team lived in a foreign country so we know how lost and completely unsure about how to find a place to live you can be. 7dreams will help you through every step of the way, from listening to your dream apartment to sending over videos and our own reviews of each apartment. Thanks to 7deams, you will be able to select an apartment from the US and send over a deposit to secure it.

Giving you a warm home, travel advice, and friendly service

You can read it in our reviews. This is the way we have to work. All our tema is focuse to these easy and at the same time complicate goals. We were students like you, looking for homes in other countries, so we know how can your experiences be.

We have a wide range of flexible Barcelona relocation packages to fit anyone’s needs and budget, no matter how big or small

We explain you what we like and what you have to consider of the apartment. Our commentary are honest and reliable. We point out potential defects. We highlight all the pros and cons of the apartmentsthat meet your criteria. We know how difficult is finding an apartment in a foreign country, because of that we will be your eyes until you arrive. We will send you videos record by us telling you what we love and the things to be considered. We will deliver you exactly what you expect

The apartments are personally checked by 7dreams staff.

Our videos, are the real proof of that. We will tell you wha we like most and things to be cond¡sidered.

We highlight all the pros and cons of the apartments that meet your criteria. Our commentary are honest and reliable. We point out potential deffects

With the video and our comments, you saved the cost of making a trip to visit the flat. The service we offer you, provides real insights to the apartment to give you the chance to gain a solid idea of the apartments


Yes, you can ask for more information. You can chat us or email us! Remember we are here to help you in all the process!

We try to have all our pictures updated. However, a perfect tool to guarantee you see what you’ll have are the videos. We don’t want to lie you, we say you what we like and things you should consider before booking an apartment

Some of them, there are some apartments that can be already reneted when you want to visit them so will be a decision of the renters if they want visits or not. If we have them free then you can visit, price would be 15€ per visit

However, remember that we can send you free videos of the apartments!

Tell us where you are going to study and we will tell you the best areas with its pros and cons. Then, we can send you a shortlist with the best apartments avalaible we have in that areas!

In our blog, you can see also what are the most important things of each reighborhood with some recommendatios

No, we don’t rent rooms. However as we keep in touch with all of our students, we highly recommend you to leave a message on our facebook explaining what are you looking for and at what University are you going to go. You can know other students in the same conditions as you and then rent an apartment all together!

Due to security reasons, we don’t give the exact address before booking. However, you will be able to know an approximate location that will help you to consider wheter you like the location or not


In order to calculate the total amount you will have to pay you need to take into consideration the following:

  • First month’s rent + booking fee
  • Monthly rent x number of months you’ll stay (some properties have different amounts based on the time of year)
  • Deposit
  • Fees required by the landlord
  • Does the property include all bills?

You can find all this information on the listing itself.

In our blog, you can see also what are the most important things of each reighborhood with some recommendatios

As we want to make sure all the calendars are updated the ideal is you tell us what apartments are you interested in and why. Then we can make a shortlist of the best apartments that match your criteria

We will give you all the information you need before arriving of the several ways to get into your apartment. The exact address of the apartment you will know once the reservation is confirmed. However, before booking you will know an approximation of the address

All of the apartments we offer come with the pots, pans, dishes, cofee machine, cutlery and cooking equipment essential for preparing your meals. However, once you move in if you feel something essential is missing just tell us ad we will talk to your landlord!

As a general rule, check- in happens between 12pm and 15pm, and check-out is no later than 12am..

But that depends on your landlord policies, ask us for more information!

As a general rule, check- in happens between 12pm and 15pm, and check-out is no later than 12am..

But that depends on your landlord policies, ask us for more information!

We will always be here to assist you and help you, so you can call, email or chat us

If you need any cleaning during your stay, please ask for availability and prices when you do the booking. You can see more services in our “Services” section

The tap water in Barcelona is clean and safe to drink throughout the city. However, some areas have a higher sodium content and may taste bitter to some. We generally recommend to stock up on bottled water for drinking at the local grocery store.

You can contact us when you want, we are available either by mail or phone or chat

Ask us and we will say you if It is possible or not to leave the luggage either in the apartment or in other place. There are lockers in the next bus and train stations: Estació del Nord, Sants, França and Passeig de Gracia; or in the city center in c/Estruc 36.

For all appliances supplied in the apartments you will not need continental European adaptors. Hairdryers are suppliedin some of the apartments but to operate other bathroom appliances which you might bring on your travels like electric shavers, curling irons etc., you will need a continental European adaptor.

Ask us and we will give you all the options depend on your preferences (time, cost, comfort, etc). You can see more information in our “Services” Section


Once you know the apartment you would like to book we will confirm availability with the owner. If we have sent you previously a shortlist including the apartment, then the availability is already confirmed.

Then, we will send you a PRE RESERVATION FORM

This is the way we have to confirm the agreement. In this form will be written the apartment, contract lenghth, the renters, and our account number, etc. We need this pre reservation form signed and also the payment of our fees done in order to block the apartment

You will need to complete a book on line form with your personal information

To process the booking, we will ask you to send the following information.

– Full name and passport number.
– Your full address and telephone number.
– Your arrival/ and departure details

– name and surnames of your home mates

No, the first payment you do will be our fee + VAT (21%). Please, we encourage you to read carefully our terms and conditions if you have any doubt concerning this issue

This will depend on your landlord policies. Normally will be one or two days before coming. Keep in mind also that most of the landlords ask for a security deposit that you will have to pay also with the first month rent

If you’d prefer to make your booking over the phone, our customer services team will be happy to give you advice on how to choose the accommodation that will suit you best

Most of the owners will ask you to pay the security deposit, which is held as a guarantee in the event that any damage is done to the property during your stay. The amount due varies from apartment to apartment. You’ll find it detailed within the breakdown of costs once you have entered your dates and details

The apartment will be booked once we send you the confirmation by email. We will send you this confirmation once we received our payment fee in our bank account

No, we blocked the apartment for you 24 hours. This is the time you have between you say you want to book the apartment and you pay the fee. Once you pay the fee, then the apartment is blocked and booked for the dates you asked for

There is a one time fee calculated based on the rental period and price. The amount is written at all the properties ad depends on the months you rent the apartment. Please, we encourage you to read carefully our terms and conditions if you have any doubt concerning this issue

Once your booking is confirmed we will send you a confirmation email. We will contact the landlord and ask him to contact you in order to arrange the arrival.

Yes, you will always receive a receipt or invoice once we confirm you the payment.

The minimum booking you can make through 7dreams is 32 days (unless exceptions). On top of that each landlord states their own preference for minimum stay when they list properties on our page. However, in peak periods landlords receive many booking requests and almost all of them prefer longer bookings rather than short ones.


7dreams is an intermediary between landlords and tenants ans therefore will not be present at the check-in time. However, we will always ask you to be in copy at any email you send to the landlord because this is what make our difference amonth all the other companies. We will assist you in all the process. We will take a look also to the contract, and we will explain you anything you need.

We will also help you to negotiate with some points of the contract if are not included. Once you move in, you have a period of 24 hours to tell us if you see something missing from the listing. Landlord will have to fix those structural defects or any lack.

That will depend on the landlord policies. Uses to be by email, before arriving to the apartment. Sometimes, you sign it once you arrive to the apartment. What we recommend you is asking a copy of the contract by email once the reservation is confirmed.

Remember that 7dreams’ goal is to assist you at any process of your housing experience. Tell us what happens and we will assist you. Sometimes just because of we all are from different cultures we have different points of views so let us deal with that!


Most of them do but there are a few landlords that do not provide such document. Please tell us if you will be needing it in your booking request.

The type of contract depends on the landlord, so if you have a preference about this you should mention it on your booking request.

When you arrive at the property you will pay the deposit to the landlord, unless you have done it via bank transfer, in which case you must make the bank transfer with enough time in advance before your arrival so it deposited in your landlord’s account in your move in date (you will know the specified amount as stated in the property ad). You will also sign a contract and get the keys.

We would advise you to only book the property if you are sure about your decision, because once you check into the property there are only very specific circumstances where you could be fully refunded.

You will have a 24 hour period to inspect the property for major defects (e.g. water leaks, infestation, mold), and if a defect is found that makes the property unlivable, you would be fully refunded. We also assure that the property is as we described on our website. Therefore, if what you find when you arrive is significantly different than what was described and shown on our web site, that is also grounds for a full refund. For more information, please refer to our Refund Policy.

For less serious issues, while we would not offer a refund, we can tell you that all of the landlords who work with 7dreams have committed to fix those issues within a reasonable time frame.

If you decide not to sign the lease for a subjective reason that doesn’t fit into one of the two above circumstances, the landlord would not return the first month’s rent that you paid to reserve the room (at this point the booking fee is no longer refundable). That is why we suggest that you only book a room that you are fully content with. However, if you face an extreme circumstance, while we cannot guarantee a refund, we do aim to make sure our tenants are treated fairly, and would try to help you in the situation.

Like any security deposit it will be returned to you if you haven’t violated any terms of the agreement that you have with your landlord.

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