Best vegan and Vegetarian Options in Barcelona

Hola bonitos! Today I am going to explain you how to be vegan in Bacerlona without dying in the attempt.  To be honest, Barcelona is one of the easiest places to be vegan in Europe. The vegan movement has increased considerably last years. This increased has different causes; fit life style, healthy worries, intensive livestock an its effects on environment, and of course animal treatment! I m vegan because of the animal cruelty but I really don’t care why people become vegan, what really matters to me is they become vegan!

Barelona was the first city  declared veg friendly. This have had hugh impact in our culture. The Veggie World meeting was in the old bull fighter square called Las Arenas…such life!

At any kind of restaurant (unless the meat ones like Brasseries) they have any vegan options. Is truth that you wont have a lot of dishes, they will have just one or if you are lucky you will be able to choose between two main dishes!

I am going to list you the best vegan options in Barcelona


The living food is a bio vegan food store where you can find a lot of products. Is not a reastaurant but they have many dishes ready to eat. Moreover they explain you very well how to cook the products or how you can mix them, they are really experts. The best they have (among really good things) are the cheeses. Since I am vegan I have never tried a cheese like those ones. Much better than the real ones. The artisan cheeses are to die for. Without doubt the best organic & vegan health food store in Barcelona. With a wide selection of everyday and speciality health products, both local and international, this shop is a must for anybody that takes care about their health. A huge plus is the section with raw organic artisan cheeses that are simply the best I’ve ever tried.


Teresa Carles is a Vegetarian resuarnt with many vegan options located in El Raval neighborhood close to Plaza Catalunya. From Monday to Friday they have a really worth it menu of 15€. You can choose between a main dish and desert or two dishes without dessert. They change their menu every week and you can choose among four or five options. All dishes I have tried so far were delicious. Moreover I love the decoration, is amazing! Has the original stone with fancy decoration what makes an ideal place to feel the old Barcelona! All products are 100% natural and ecologic. The say they can turn meat eaters into vegetarian….do you dare???


L’Hortet is located in El Raval also .It means little orchard in catalan. You can see their menu in Facebook. They have cooking classes also and you can choose what kind of food you would like to learn how to cook. You can eat one main dish and a dessert for 8€ so good value for money! The menu is written just in catalan, however all waiters/waitress can translate them for you. I love the seitan stew with cuscus. Since I learnt how to cook it is a must in our house at least once a week. As a starters they use to have creams, soups or salads. They also have microbiotic food. I really recommend you guys to taste the artisan beer they have. It’s a bit strong but it really worth it!


Gopal is located in George Orwell square more known by locals as the trippi square (you can imagine why…). Is more a take away restaurant because they just have two tables to eat inside. They have the most amazing burgers I have ever ate, you must try the teriyaki burger Even though it is takeaway only this does not detract from how good the food is. Moreover, if inside is full you can order your food and go to eat it to the harbour that is just  minutes away walking. They have also a donut filled with choco and covered in coconut…mmmmm…a little gem for your senses. Every Wednseday they have the Donutday. They cook donuts in very different ways. For those who love Spanish food they have also an amazing vegan spanih omelette. The difference between the normal one and the vegan one is just the cruelty free. No different flavor. Prices are around 5€ for each dish


Ecocenter is the VEGAN SHOP in capital letters. They have all kind of products you can imagine; they have courses, meetings, shoes, icecreams, cosmetical products, etc. They have an online shop where you can buy most of the products. Is located in Avinguda Diagonal close to Verdaguer Metro Station. I love many of the products they sell but there is one that stands out from the others is the gratted cheese. Also they have many products of “La carnicería Vegana” like croquettes, vegan chicken, or any kind of vegan meat. They reach very similar flavours so if you have to cook for not vegans this is a really good option! I had friends over at home not vegan and they didn’t realized the chorizo was cruelty free!! One point for vegans ;)!

Hope you like them!!

All the best

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