Healthy Life-style. Beach Volley and Sunbathe

Good weather is coming….YES! And as the sun shines most of the year you can find perfect conditions to play volleyball on the beach. When summer arrives to the city, most of the people change office for the beach and try to spend there as much possible time as they can. For those who don’t want to just sunbathe and relax, there is a solution. Beach volleyball!

If you are an abroad student, you can think you don’t have enough people to play, but Don’t worry if you go alone or even if you are in a group, there you will find a lot of people willing to play.

Some of them bring the ball and another ones bring the ribbon to set the field and everything you need to play. Personally, I love spending my free time there. Is a good option to do sport, to know new people and also to take the maximum of the beach (what I really love).

This sport it’s great for your well-being, you play outside and during the games you also sunbathe so you do can something for your body and also get tanned. Moreover, minimum of players are 4, 2  player for each team, but you can also play with a group of your friends and have fun.


I cannot find better way to do sport and meeting people form everywhere, from here I support you to go and try it.

Good Vibe in Barcelona. Meeting people

Groups like invite players to take part in friendly but competitive matches. It’s a great way to meet new people, learn to score and count in Spanish, while at the same time improving your skills. Simply arrange a match via the group’s website

Another web for beginners or less competitive is  Amigos Barcelona Volley Playa

For a more structured learning facility contact Barcelona Beach Club (BBC). BBC can boast an academy of professional courts on various beaches in Barcelona. Their system follows a program divided into 4 different levels, combining progressive objectives with a weekly competition.

Stag and Hen parties looking for activity based fun should contact Barcelona Tours who will organise a beach volleyball tournament, supply all necessary equipment, including a referee, and water for rehydration in the summer heat.

With permanent beach courts and a relaxedfriendly vibe, Barcelona is an ideal place to begin your beach volleyball career!

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